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Apparently I am Old, Like Really, Really, Really Old

November 4, 2015

old ladySo today in math, the Big One learned something new and then was shocked that I knew what she was talking about. I admit that 5th grade math has stumped me in the past. Shoot 3rd, 4th and 5th grade math have all stumped me. The methods that the Common Core teaches are too much for my brain. I can sometimes see why they do it that way, but I am too old to learn new tricks. And when you consider that between my two college degrees, I took ONE math class, it was fair for the Big One to be shocked.

So she starts to tell me about the problem they learned. She said there was an 8 and then a little number 5 right above the 8. So she is telling me that everyone in the class thought they could just multiply 8 times 5 to get the answer, but she said, “That was not right, mom.”

I said, “I know… to get the answer you have to do 8 times 8 times 8 times 8 times 8. Like 8 times 8 five times. It’s called 8 to the fifth power.”

The total and complete shock on her face said it all and then she said this to me:

“WAIT! You learned about 8 to the fifth power too? Eh, I guess that makes sense our math book is about 300 years old!”

What the actual heck kid? I am not 300 years old!

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