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A Tale of Two Irons

September 9, 2013

I’ve got so many fun stories in my brain that I really need to get written down before they disappear. I graduated in May and have no excuses really other than procrastination! But this little gem that came up last night must be confessed.


So you know when you get married and you have to combine stuff? I mean The Husband and I were 30-ish when we go married. I had a house full of stuff in San Diego and he had half of a house full of stuff in Pensacola that we needed to combine once we met up in Maryland for our first house together.  Basically, I tried to be nice and let him keep a few things that were not total crap, but things like camp chairs in the living room had to go. Yes, I confess most of his stuff got relegated to the donate piles or to the garage where I could slowly get rid of it without him noticing. (No, that’s not the big confession!)


So last night, we had just gotten into bed and turned out the lights when the Husband gets a text from one of his co-workers. Now just a refresher, the Husband is no longer active duty. He is a civilian in his day job for the Air Force. But he is also still in the Reserves. For his day job, he has a handful of active duty folks who report to him.


Starting today, the Air Force folks in his office have to go back to wearing their Blues on Mondays. So it’s Sunday night, a little after 10 p.m. and one of the LTs apparently has a “broken iron.” He claims that water is spewing all over his living room as he is trying to iron his uniform for work Monday morning.  I will give him some credit that he didn’t text the Husband directly. Rather he texted a Captain in the office first and she, thinking it was hysterical texted it to the Husband. Of course she admonished the LT who lives less than a mile from a Wal*Mart to get to 24-hour store and just buy a new iron so that he was wearing the correct uniform this morning. We all agreed that a broken iron was a pretty weak excuse to get out of wearing Blues, but it led to the realization that when the Husband and I combined households almost ELEVEN years ago, we never agreed on which iron to keep.


I admit I do not iron much. And I definitely do NOT iron uniforms. So since he was ironing his own uniforms, he kept his iron. But since mine is much nicer, I of course kept mine as well. It’s never really come up before that, not only do we have two irons in the house, but neither one of them gets used very often.  The Husband wears his flight suit for Reserve duty, I can’t remember the last time he had to wear (and therefore iron) his Blues, yet his crappy iron remained in my closet. That is until this morning, when guess what the LT got as a gift?  Yep, we donated an iron to the cause (granted the Husband might be better served keeping it in his office just in case this happens again!).


God bless the Husband some of the LTs that he guides on a daily basis.  (I  keep threatening to start a new blog called, “Life with an LT” just to share some of the antics these guys come up with. It’s what I imagine parenting adolescent boys would be like!)


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  1. Rose permalink
    September 10, 2013 11:43 am

    To be a fly on the wall when your husband had the LT standing at attention as he interrogated him about his nonsense. -Rose

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