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Stuck With ‘Em

October 2, 2012

The Husband and I have been married almost 10 years. During the first 8 years, we moved five times. I often have joked that if we ever had neighbors or coworkers that we didn’t particularly care for we were fine because we’d always move after a couple years so we weren’t stuck with those people for life.


{I must clarify that we have been very blessed with wonderful neighbors and friends throughout our journeys! This observation was about nobody in particular!!}  Once the Big One started kindergarten and I started getting to know some of the kids and parents, it struck me that we are not moving again, so the friends she was making are quite possibly the same friends she will go to junior high and high school with. You see, we are in San Diego until we die, so the friends the girls are making now are the friends we are most likely stuck with for a while. Some of the Big One’s friends in kindergarten were a bit sketchy. Who says that about 5-year olds? Well, I just did!


I will admit that now that the Big One is in second grade, I am cool with the friends she hangs out with. Most of them are in my Brownie troop, so I know the girls and I know the parents. They are all good kids and their parents are involved and care, which can make all the difference in the kids’ lives.


So that brings me to the whole point of this entry. The Little One is now in kindergarten and clearly I need to begin guiding her towards different kids. She cannot be trusted to pick out her own friends.  They’ve been in school for a few weeks now and the Little One has declared that this one little girl is her best friend. We’ll call her “Sally.” Mind you it took at least two weeks for the Little One to remember Sally’s name.  But now she is convinced that Sally is her new best friend.


As soon as we got home from school today, the Little One asked me what a “sexy momma” is. A bit taken back, I asked her where she heard that phrase. She said that Sally called the Little One that today. So I fumbled through what that might mean and told the  Little One  that at 5-years old we are not sexy, nor will we be until we are at least 30 years old.


Then we went to the parentals to swim because it’s too dang hot for October and we needed to cool off. We were in the pool when the Little One  randomly said,  “DANGIT!” was the worst, most baddest word ever to say at Sally’s house. Now considering our previous conversation, I was a bit surprised by this revelation. So I told the Little One that everyone has different rules for what words are okay and that dang it was okay to say in our house.


About 10 minutes later, the Little One exclaimed, “OH! Wait F@#k It!!….. that’s the worst most baddest word to ever say at Sally’s house.”  After a mild little freak out and explanation that that word is not okay for her to ever, ever, ever say, I have decided that the Little One is not allowed to pick her friends. I will be volunteering in her classroom very soon so I can steer her in a different direction, because these are the kids we are stuck with!

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  1. Holly permalink
    October 3, 2012 3:53 pm

    Speaking as one of the neighbors you were probably happy to get away from (you know, those pesky 2am calls needing help after being held up at gunpoint) … your friends and neighbors are blessed to have you!

  2. fixitmommy permalink*
    October 3, 2012 7:00 pm

    Holly, You guys definitely don’t fall into the WHEW! we are moving soon club! We would love to live next door again! (the house next door to us here in San Diego is vacant….. 🙂 Now the people we actually shared a wall with, maybe. Gosh I don’t even remember their names, just remember when they left their dog locked in the laundry room when they went away for the weekend.

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