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A Slowpoke!

March 18, 2011

My girls are polar opposites, I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  Yesterday the girls wanted to ride their bikes around the block. They are going through bicycling withdrawals since we started the remodel project and their cement patio riding ground in the backyard is gone.


Normally the Husband takes them and I enjoy 15 minutes or so of quiet in the house, but yesterday they wanted me to come too.  So we set off, the girls on their bikes, the Husband and I on foot.  Immediately I knew we were going to have issues. The Little One zoomed off at lightning speed (well three-year old lightning speed). The Husband who was trying to talk to me about the day had to take of running after her.


Meanwhile the Big One was content to just kind of cruise along. Really she let the slope of the sidewalk move her bike more so than using any real muscle power. Honestly that was fine with me. I don’t run anywhere, so I was able to keep up with her while walking at a good clip.


Before long the Husband and Little One were out of site. This gave the Big One ample time to throw the Husband under the bus, proclaiming that “Daddy always leaves me to chase after {the Little One}.”


So as the Big One and I continued to chat during our two laps around the block, we stopped after we got back home the second time. We hadn’t seen the Husband or Little One in quite a while, so we figured we’d just wait until they caught up to us. After a few minutes of waiting, the Big One wanted to go look for them. So we headed in the backwards loop direction to meet them. As we came around the bend on our street, we see smoke coming from the Little One {and the HusbandJ} as they came flying down the street at us.


The Big One turned her bike around pretty quickly and started pedaling faster than she had all day. I think she feared for her life. And I heard the Husband say, “Don’t call me a slowpoke!” as he turned on his afterburners and raced for victory.  The Little One and Husband blew by me as I prayed she would be able to stop before she slammed into our neighbor’s car that was partially blocking the sidewalk. All I can say about that is thank God she was wearing a hoodie and the Husband was able to {sort of} keep up with her, at least close enough to use the hoodie as a parachute of sorts!

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