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Losing It!

October 6, 2010

I think I have officially lost my mind.  I’m all for a good argument, however the Big One takes arguing to a whole other level.  If there are two legitimate points of view, I have no problem playing the devil’s advocate. However sometimes there is really no point in arguing. A fact is a fact.  For example, Pat & Oscar’s has the best breadsticks around.  That is a fact and nobody can argue it.  Another fact, Little Caesars is the best $5 pizza anywhere.


Okay, so the Big One today is convinced that the word “the” is spelled “thee.” I tried to follow the teaching approach and explained the whole concept of when two of the letter E’s are together they make a long E sound. So the world she was spelling was not pronounced like the word “the.”


She didn’t agree. She told me I didn’t know how to spell.  Okay, I  tried showing her several books with the word “the” in the title. She still disagreed and told me that “the” was spelled “thee.”


Getting extremely frustrated ( I could NEVER be a kindergarten teacher!), I finally said, “Look Mommy has a degree in English. I guarantee that I am a better speller than you are and that I will probably always be a better speller than you will.”  {her brain is more wired toward math, like the Husband, I think!}


To which, she flipped her hair, rolled her eyes, and let out an exasperated, ”OOOOOHHHHHHH, Mommy. You don’t know anything!”


Seriously, the attitude? She is FIVE! And what’s worse,   I just tried to win an argument with my five-year-old using the “I have a degree and you don’t” mentality.  Yeah, that worked well for me.

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  1. Lauara permalink
    October 6, 2010 11:02 pm

    There are just so many comments to post…. I don’t know where to begin. I’ll go with my top three:

    1) I was reported to do the exact same thing to my mother (just ask her), therefore, your kid is awesome and is going to rule the world someday.

    2) I love that you pulled the degree card – that is desperation of a whole new level.

    3) Thank goodness that no matter HOW bad it gets, 5 year old BOY sass is nothing compared to 5 year old GIRL sass! Woo Hoo! 🙂

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