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Leaving the Husband in Charge

September 15, 2010

The husband came home early yesterday to meet with the guy who is drawing the plans for our remodel.   After the guy finished up with his measurements etc., I left the Husband with the Little One so I could go to the world’s largest commissary.  Yes, I was a little excited to check it out.  If you have ever seen the commissary at Edwards AFB, you understand my excitement at going to a huge commissary (yes, I realize it’s just a grocery store!)


So I got home from the commissary, which is just a giganormous grocery store, but cool none the less, and the Little One was taking a nap.


After helping me unload the groceries, the Husband sits downs on the couch, lets out a sigh and says,  “She is going to have a bruise somewhere.”


I was like, “what are you talking about?”


And he says well, I was just sitting here watching Walker, Texas Ranger (must be nice to just sit and watch TV while she naps, huh?) and then I heard a thud and she started screaming.  So I asked the Husband the obvious question, “what happened?”


He shrugs his shoulders and says, “I don’t know she was screaming, she wouldn’t tell me.”


Apparently he got her calmed down and put her back in bed.


When I got her up from her nap, I saw the “bruise” was actually a cut on her lip. I had her re-enact the incident and still don’t understand what really happened, all I know is she whacked her face on the shoe holder. I don’t know why or exactly how, just that the Husband is fired when it comes to doing the once-over after a thud and a scream!

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