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Always Look Before You Sit

July 7, 2010

I’m telling y’all the Little One is going to be the death of me.


All of you parents of little ones know that going to the bathroom alone is a luxury. I cannot even remember the last time I went pee without a child or dog following me.  I don’t even bother closing the door anymore. That also means I rarely turn the light on. Really there is no reason, since the door is open there is plenty of light in there to do what I need to do.


A little background, the Little One was watching me clean the kitchen floor today. I had a bucket and rag and the Little One noted how “shiny” the floor looked after I cleaned it. It was wet, not really shiny but in her mind it shined.


So we were running a little late to pick the Big One up from preschool when I stopped to pee really quick on the way out the door.  Again, I don’t turn the light on and rarely look at the toilet beyond checking that the seat is in the correct position.


As soon as I hit the seat, I knew something was wrong.  Now we are finally make great progress on the potty training front. I knew the Little One had gone potty a few minutes earlier, so as I pondered my next move, I tried to determine if she had peed all over the seat and that was why my butt was now drenched.  The entire seat was wet though, so I was fairly confident that it wasn’t pee.


Next thing, I knew the Little One appeared in the bathroom doorway and says:


Momma, isn’t the toywet nice and cwean?”  (remember I am still sitting on the pot at this point)


I asked her if she cleaned it for me. Yes, she had, she told me. I then asked her where she got the water to clean the toilet.


One guess, where do you think she got the water?


Yep, from the “toywet!


Doesn’t it wook shiny, Momma?” she asked.


Ahh, the joys.

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