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The Art of Tattling

January 5, 2010

The Little One mimics just about everything that the Big One does. So it’s really no surprise that the Little One attempted to “tattle” on the FixItMommy today.


It’s actually quite funny.


I was putting away some of our Christmas decorations. We are leaving the tree up until the Husband comes home, but some of the other stuff needed to be put away.


I was cleaning up the Little People Nativity Set and the Little People Little Drummer Boy Set,  much to the Little One’s chagrin. Then I did the unthinkable, I packed up this musical penguin that she has claimed as her own. When you squeeze its hand, the thing sings, “Jingle Bells” and rocks on its sleigh bottom.


The Little One freaked out screaming and crying because it was HER penguin and it needed to stay out. It clearly didn’t belong with the Christmas decorations.


I told her it was for Christmas and just like the other things we would get them out again next Christmas. She was not happy with me. Next thing I know, she picked up one of their play cell phones and said this:


“Hewwo, Daddy… Mommy put MY penguin away. That’s not where it bewongs!! I am not happy wight now!” And with that she slammed the phone shut and threw it on the floor.


It took everything I had to not fall on the floor laughing at her. Once she “told” on me, she was  fine and the penguin has already been forgotten.

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