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The Schedule Patrol

September 21, 2009

The Big One is a stickler for schedules and routines.  Just ask her poor preschool teacher who hears about it any time she varies the routine.

I know this and am prepared for this most of the time.  We really do work with the Big One on the concept that people can do things differently and still have the same result.  For example, when getting her some juice, I tend to fill a cup halfway with water, then fill the rest with juice.  The Husband does it the opposite.   He does juice first and then water.  Well on more than one occasion the act of putting juice in first has set off a complete meltdown.

As I said we are working on it.

Today I sorted the laundry into three piles just like I always do.   I then started the washer and proceeded to pick up the dark clothes and put them in the washer first.

As soon as the Big One saw what I was doing, red flags and sirens started going off in her brain.

MOMMY! You are supposed to do the white clothes first! What are you doing,” she asked in sheer disbelief that I had the audacity to start the dark clothes first.

I explained to her that I didn’t have enough for a load of whites yet, so I wanted to make sure I got her new space jammies washed (she’d been asking me for three days now to wash them).   And all was good in her world again.

I think next time,  I’ll just let her do the laundry.   She apparently has the system down.

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  1. September 22, 2009 8:24 pm

    My preschooler is the same way. She is very into routine and order. She also loves to match everything, including her panties to her outfit.

    Just show her where the detergent goes next time and let her have at it!

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