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Weird Dreams and Behaviors

September 12, 2009

The Husband has only been gone a week, but the girls are already acting strange.  I don’t know if they are normal phases or if it’s because Daddy is gone, or if it’s a combination of both.


A few nights ago at bedtime, the Big One started whimpering and freaking out a bit saying that she didn’t want any mean animals to knock on the door, come in and eat her.  I have no idea where she would have gotten the notion that animals were going to come in her house and eat it, but she is pretty freaked out by out.


After the animal thing, she morphed it into a “mean man coming in and killing her.”  This one freaks me out a bit.  She is pretty sheltered in terms of TV and what we talk about around her.  We don’t even watch the news with them (except occasionally I have The Today Show on).   So I don’t have any idea where she got the idea of someone killing her from.


Although, about a month ago, she got angry at the Little One and told her that she was going to “kill her.”  I flipped out with that comment.  That is not something she has ever heard me or the Husband (or any other family member) say. She said that one of her friends at preschool says it.  So we talked about it and what it means to kill someone and that we never say that to anyone because it’s a really mean thing to say.


So she didn’t say it again; Until a couple nights ago in the context of someone killing her.  I’m not sure where the fear is coming from and how much of it is “normal” for this age.  I do know that I’ve haven’t slept for crap the last few nights since she said it.  I promised her that Gracie Lou and I would keep her safe and now I can’t sleep.


The Little One has been uber clingy at night.  Ever since a few nights ago when she woke up screaming, she has not wanted to go to bed.  She insists that two nightlights are on in there and screams, cries and clings to me as I try to put her in bed.   I can usually calm her down by rocking for a few minutes, but it is exhausting to go through every night.

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  1. September 14, 2009 3:08 pm

    Stevie has been going off on these weird dieing/killing tangents too. His thing is that the DirecTv thing on top of the house talks to him while he is asleep. And now he won’t go in a dark room because he says tigers are going to kill him. He gets all panicky and out of breath. Sometimes he is so freaked out that he bawls until one of us turns on the light. Freaky.

    Now, we are the opposite of you with the TV time. They watch just about anything, with a couple of exceptions. No nekkedness and if it scares me, they don’t get to see it. Stevies favorite movie is Die Hard With A Vengance but we (I think we) make him understand the difference between real life and movies.

    I think it is just a phase they are going through. I hope. Because if I have to warn his future wife that she is going to have to turn on the lights before he will go into a room, well, that would be very bad.

    Sorry for the novel. 😉

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