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Who’s Responsible for the Kid?

August 15, 2009

So today Operation Concrete comes to a close.  We finally bit the bullet and decided that we needed 1300 square feet on concrete in the side and front yard (along the driveway).  The girls needed room to play and ride bikes. And the FixItMommy needed to be able to send them out in the backyard to burn off some energy.

The contractors started work on Tuesday and now on Saturday the concrete has been poured.

The Husband thought it was a cool learning opportunity for the girls, so they have been outside watching the wet mixture go from the truck through the pump and shoot out of the hose.  Pretty cool stuff when you are 4 or 2 (or a man).

So I was in the house making some chocolate chip scones (a new recipes, I’ll let you know if it’s any good) when suddenly the garage door opens.

I turn to see the Husband with a sheepish grin.  He is trying not to laugh hysterically as he carries the Little One’s shoe in the house, I hear him say to the Big One that they will go back outside, but first the Little One’s shoe needed to be cleaned.

I knew right away what happened. Although he is trusted at work with all kinds of secret military stuff, he is not to be trusted with two children around wet cement.

Yep, the Little One “got a little too close,” he told me.  She walked over to the freshly smoothed out, still very wet concrete and stepped right into it.

Mind you there is an army of men out there working their darndest to get this stuff smooth and level before it starts baking outside. So there are tools, poles and stuff everywhere.  It’s a minefield for a toddler.  The Husband somehow missed the Little One wandering through all the stuff.  And then didn’t react quick enough as she stepped into the wet concrete.

Unfortunately I didn’t think quick enough to grab my camera to document the incident.  I was too busy trying to get the concrete off her shoe.

When I went outside to check on the status of things, I asked our contractor if we could just plant the Husband and his boots out there and leave him.

Fortunately our contractor has kids and loves my girls to pieces.  He had two boys before having a baby girl of his own. So for the 18 months or so we’ve known him, he has always had a soft spot for my girls.

I will admit that I wish my Spanish was a little better, I can only imagine what they are saying about the Husband right now.

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  1. Bridget Y permalink
    August 15, 2009 8:31 am

    That’s so funny. They really are fast!


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