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A Four-Hour Quest

July 21, 2009

Y’all know the Little One is two.   That means she loves to pick things up and put them wherever her little heart desires. We’ve become pretty accustomed to searching for toys, sippy cups and shoes that she has deposited randomly all over the house.

Today she was playing with Gracie Lou’s collar.  We take it off each night because Gracie Lou is locked in our bedroom and when she decides to scratch or shake, the collar rattling wakes us up.   So this morning, I didn’t get around to putting it back on her right away.

The Little One loves to try and put the collar on Gracie Lou, but she’s not quite coordinated enough.   Usually she gives up and puts the collar down somewhere on the floor… somewhere where it’s clearly visible.

Well today was not the case.   I kid you not, I spent a good four hours looking for the darn collar.   I even posted a request of Facebook for ideas because I had run out.

I emptied every toy container, backpack, purse, trash can, and bag I could find.   I took every toy box out of its little cubby to look for the thing.   I checked every cabinet and drawer in my kitchen, even the ones that I have to tippy toe to reach. I checked the toilets, dishwasher, refrigerator, garage and bathtubs.

Many of these spots, I checked two or three times.   I checked the kids shopping cart, the little storage seat on the Pooh bear airplane.   I went upstairs and checked under all the beds.   I check all the trashcans, again.

The dog’s collar was lost. The Big One and Little One both had flashlights to check all the places I had already checked.   The Husband searched upstairs through the dirty clothes and again in all the trash cans.

Gracie Lou’s collar had disappeared.

Finally I gave up and started to make dinner.   Isn’t this the way it always goes?   I found it as soon as I stopped looking for it.   Although I am still not convinced how exactly I spotted it.   It must’ve been some divine intervention.

I opened the sliding glass door to let Gracie Lou out and saw something out of the corner of my eye… inside the curtains.

You see I have these Roman blinds on the sliding glass door.   One side is always opened so we can get in and out, the other side is only opened about a foot because Gracie Lou’s food dish is right there and I didn’t want her mucking up the blinds.

That little bit that’s rolled up, made a nice little pocket for Gracie Lou’s collar to be tucked away safely.

Great, now there’s a new spot that I will have to check when things go missing.

{Karen, when you read this, let me assure you that if there is a fire I WILL put Gracie Lou’s collar on before we race out of the house!}

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