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Unconditional Love, Yep I’ve Got It

July 11, 2009

At least I feel it for my kids, whether or not it’s reciprocated remains to be seen.  After my day, I’m not so sure.

The Big One gave up naps years ago (yes she is only four, but she gave up naps at about 18 months so it feels like years). But she still has to rest every day.    About once a month she will actually fall asleep during her rest time.   When she does fall asleep it’s usually because I have threatened her with spending the entire day in bed unless she sleeps.

I only pull out the threat when the black bags under her eyes are taking over her entire face.   Today was one of those days.   She woke up whining and crying and freaking out.   It continued all day.

So when nap time rolled around, I made the threat.   I know better than to make it unless I am serious.   After three hours of whining, crying and fussing I relented and let her get up.   But first I gave her a great lecture on listening and doing what the FixItMommy asks her to do, etc.

Yes I am aware at how effective it is to lecture a four-year-old.   Okay, leave me alone, we all have our moments.    Yes I am also aware that consistency is the key and I should not make threats and then relent.   I will pay for it next time, I know.

So anyway part of the {lecture} conversation rolled around to how the Little One is a better listener.  Yes I made the statement, but the Big One wholeheartedly agreed.  Then the conversation when something like this:

The Big One: Why is {the Little One} a better listener than me?

FixItMommy: I don’t know.  Maybe her ears work better.   Maybe she likes Mommy more than you do.  Maybe she just wants to make Mommy happy.

Big One: Well, I like Daddy better than you.

I took the oh-so-mature approach and told her that it’s great she likes Daddy better.    And pointed out that it’s going to be a long couple more days for her until Daddy gets home.

Ahhhh, the joys. I can’t wait until she is a teenager and can really articulate how she feels about me.

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  1. Mary Large permalink
    July 11, 2009 7:00 pm

    don’t you just hate it when they beat you at your own game. One thing that’s a sure bet they can out do the best of us!

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