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A “Lucky” Rabbit’s Foot

July 9, 2009

Dogs. Why oh why oh why do I love them? They are wonderful and lovable and cute, but they can be disgusting and vile at the same time.

Gracie Lou was outside chilling while I was playing on Facebook (the girls were napping).  Suddenly Gracie Lou starts freaking out, whining, scratching and the door and generally having a fit.  This is quite unusual behavior for her.  The only time she freaks out when she is outside is when there is a crazy loud sonic boom.

So the fact that she was going crazy and even knocked the screen door off the tracks should have clued me in that something was going on.

Being clueless, I let her in, fixed the screen door and then turned around to see a bloody thing on my kitchen floor.  She was standing next to it proudly wagging her tail and I suppose waiting for some praise.

Instead I shooed her away, grabbed at least 18 napkins and picked up the part.  I took it out to the garage, put it in a plastic bag and then scrubbed my hands 10 times.  Then I set out on a mission to find the rest of the carcass.   I couldn’t find anything, but a whole lot of loud squawking birds flying overhead.

Then my neighbor came home, so I asked him to help identify the part.  I thought it looked like a rabbit leg, but I wasn’t sure.

So he confirmed it was a rabbit and then proclaimed how lucky I was that she brought me the foot.

He heard the birds too.   I asked him if he thought maybe a bird dropped it and that’s why they were being so loud.   He told me if Gracie Lou had gotten it, there would be fur all over my backyard.   Since there wasn’t and I can’t find a carcass, I assume the bird dropped it.

Gracie Lou knew how ticked off the birds would be, so that’s why she wanted in the house so darn bad.

So now I am afraid to go outside and I am not letting my dog outside for fear of being pecked to death by some ticked off birds.

Oh…. Where do you think the Husband is during all of this?   Yep, you guessed it, he’s TDY.   I can’t wait for his upcoming deployment and the joy that that is sure to bring.




Just an update… I can’t keep Gracie Lou in the house. She is whining and scratching at the door.  I think she is convinced that there will be more rabbit feet falling from the heavens.  She keeps going back to the same spot, sniffing and looking up in the sky.   It’s like she is asking God for just one more!

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