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Another Hallelujah! Moment!

June 3, 2009

I don’t use the term “Hallelujah!” lightly.  These are monumental moments in our household.  I am shocked to actually be using it twice in once week! Kids will do that to you.  They throw you for a loop at every opportunity.

A little background, the Husband and the FixItMommy may actually be part fish.  We both love to swim.  Every chance he gets when we are in San Diego, he swims the cove at La Jolla. The FixItMommy coached high school swimming for eight years.  The Husband even turned down a job with the San Diego City Lifeguard Service last year. (if you compare a lifeguard salary with an engineer’s you’ll understand why).

In fact, the FixItMommy and the Husband met at the YMCA swimming pool.  He was the lifeguard and I was swimming at 5 a.m. (how’s that for dedication to a sport?)

So anyway we had visions of raising the female version of Michael Phelps.  Well for those of you who know the Big One, you know that’s not happening.  She is petrified of getting water in her eyes.  She freaks out in the bathtub if the Little One starts splashing and gets water in her eyes. {I think the Little One may be better suited for a softball-type sporting experience}

Yesterday, I picked up a small inflatable water slide for the girls. Yes I am apparently obsessed with finding an inflatable water toy that actually works the way it’s supposed to! (and one that I can keep safe from Gracie Lou, the attack dog).

I thought this little slide looked fun and for $30 it was a way better deal than the huge $200 ones at Target.  I thought maybe, just maybe we could convince the Big One that a little water in her eyes would be okay if she was having fun.

Shock of all shocks, it worked! Check that picture out.  That is very clearly water in her face.  If you could see her face, you can see pure joy as  she happily splashed down the slide! Hallelujah!! Baby steps!

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  1. June 3, 2009 5:59 pm

    WOOT with a side of WOOT.

    Can I still read even if I dont’ know how to swim and refuse to learn out of sheer terror puposes?

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