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Whose Kids Are These?

May 22, 2009

I’m sure many of you have seen the silly e-mail tale of a small child having a tea party with her daddy when the mom comes along and points out that the only water the child can reach is the toilet water.

Well I’ve received it several times and never thought much of it.  I chuckled, but thought it would never happen in my house. Of course, that was before the Little One came along.

Tonight the girls were brushing their teeth and I left them in the bathroom to put their bath towels in the dirty clothes hamper.  One would think that after the week I’ve had, I would know better than to leave the Little One alone in the bathroom.

I put the towels in the hamper and am met by the Big One screaming that the Little One dumped water all over the floor.  I told her I would handle it and to get out of the bathroom.

Their bathroom has tile and it’s slippery as all get out when it gets wet. So I didn’t want her falling. The Big One obliged and stood in the hallway while I watched the Little One take her cup, dip it into the toilet and take a big swig. All the while I am yelling, “NOOOOOOOOOOO! STOP! YUCKY!! NOOOOO!”

She proceeds to finish the first cup and then did it again.  This time I grabbed the cup from her just as she put it to her lips.   Seriously, whose children are living in my house this week?

Certainly not mine. Mine would never get a time-out at preschool for throwing sand in someone’s face and then laughing about it.  My children would never smear poop all over the bathroom. And they certainly wouldn’t drink from the toilet.

I am ready for the cameras to pop out and someone yelling “Smile you’re on Candid Camera!” Ho-hum, I could never be so lucky, huh?

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