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No Leftovers For This Kid

May 15, 2009

The Big One is a picky eater no doubt about it.  She doesn’t eat much and she certainly doesn’t eat the types of food that result in leftovers.  She eats yogurt and pancakes, waffles and freeze dried strawberries.

She doesn’t eat casseroles or pasta.  She won’t eat pot roast or sloppy joes.  The Husband and I eat a lot of leftovers.  I like to cook and try new recipes for dinner, so quite often we have leftovers for lunch and sometimes even breakfast the next day.

So last night after her yogurt, she asked for a special treat.  They had been pretty good so I agreed she could have a special treat.  I offered her a piece of this chocolate chip cookie cake that we made a couple days ago.

She exclaimed, “Mommy I already had some of that yesterday. Can I have some ice cream instead?

Taken a little aback, she usually jumps at just about anything with chocolate chips in it, I asked her why she couldn’t have the cake again.  Exasperated with me, she said, “I told you I already had some of that. I want something different.

Oh the irony.  She wants something different, yet she eats yogurt for probably seven out of 10 meals. And it has to be Yoplait Orange Crème yogurt.  She won’t even eat a different flavor, yet she cannot have the chocolate chip cake again. Funny kid.

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  1. grandma permalink
    May 17, 2009 4:02 pm

    no leftovers for grampa either

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