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When Will I Learn?

March 30, 2009

I have these crazy visions of actually sitting down and eating breakfast or lunch with my kids. I know it’s crazy, yet somehow I still wish I could make it happen.

I really thought today was the day. I had some leftover scrambled eggs and hash browns in the fridge. My plan was to re-heat them, throw them in a tortilla and eat with the girls. I got them each their yogurt and juice. They were settled and eating happily while I attempted to warm up my leftovers.

Honestly I figured 45 seconds to heat the eggs and hash browns, then 15 second to warm the tortilla. So I needed 60 seconds for the preparation before I could sit down and actually eat with my girls.

Do you think I got it done? Nope. At about the 42 second mark in the reheating process, the Little One finished her yogurt and wanted more. So I obliged and got her more yogurt. The eggs were still semi-warm so I went ahead with warming the tortilla. As soon as the microwave went off, the Big One decided she wanted more yogurt too.

So by the time I got her yogurt, my eggs were of course cold. So I removed the tortilla from the microwave, tossed the eggs on it and then put it all back in the microwave for 30 seconds.

There were no requests in the entire 30 seconds. Shocking, I know. So I folded up my tortilla into a breakfast burrito, grabbed my coffee which had already been reheated once, and sat down at the table with them.

The second my butt hit the chair, the Little One needed a napkin and the Big One suddenly had a cut on her finger that was causing excruciating pain. So after getting a napkin for the Little One, some Neosporin and Band-Aid for the Big One, my burrito was cold, and both kids declared they were done with breakfast and wanted to get down and play.

I gave up. I think I will stick with my original plan~ feed the girls, and then turn Dora on for them so I can eat in peace.

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  1. April 1, 2009 11:24 am

    That sounds like a plan girlie!

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