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Too Smart For Her Own Good… Already

February 26, 2009

Oh boy are we in trouble with the Big One, I think. Most days she wakes up, goes potty and then gets herself dressed for the day. She then hangs out in her room until I come to get her.

I was a bit surprised today when I went in her room and she was still in her jammies. The conversation when like this:

Big One: I just picked my clothes out, but left my jammies on today.

FixItMommy: Okay. You don’t have to get dressed yet.

Big One: Yes, I picked out my clothes, but the clothes that I picked go all the way down my sleeves to here (points to her wrist). I just wanted you to put a tattoo on so I needed to keep my jammies on until you put the tattoo on. If I didn’t keep my jammies on you couldn’t put the tattoo right here on my arm (points to her upper arm) so that’s why I didn’t put my clothes on yet. But they are right there, cause I picked out what I want to wear, I just didn’t put them on yet.

{Yes this is really how she talks… run-on sentences and all!}

FixItMommy: Wow! You were really thinking this morning. That’s a great idea to wait until we put your tattoo on before putting a long-sleeved shirt on. How’d you get to be so smart?

Big One: Well…. I just know something about everything.

And there you have it. She knows it all already.

Too Smart… Part II

{It’s a bonus double feature day! WAHOO! For you.}

I thought we were done with smarty-pants for the day but apparently we weren’t.

After applying her tattoo, she asked if we could make some hot chocolate. I said sure and warmed up some milk. She decided she wanted the “white kind” of hot chocolate today so I pulled out the industrial size Ghirardelli White Hot Chocolate mix. {We like Smart & Final in case you’ve missed it! We are too cheap to pay for the Costco or Sam’s membership}

She picked out her spoon and was all ready to stir the chocolate. I opened the silverware drawer to grab a tablespoon to measure the powder. And the conversation went like this:

Big One: What are you doing, Mommy?

FixItMommy: I’m getting a spoon to measure the hot chocolate out.

Big One: Mommy, last time there was one in there already. Why are you being so silly?

Sure enough the little turkey was right. I had put an old formula scoop in there to measure it out last time. It’s been several weeks since we’ve made the white hot chocolate. How in the world does she remember this stuff?

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  1. February 27, 2009 8:33 am

    She is super smarty pants! Love it! 🙂

  2. Heather permalink
    February 28, 2009 7:25 am

    Formula scoop! What a great idea!

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