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Promises, Promises… UGH!

December 18, 2008

So I promised the Big One that we could get her a new baby doll to replace the one that Gracie Lou chewed up. I really tried to impress upon the Big One that we should get a doll just like the one that was destroyed. After all she was bigger than all the other babies and more importantly she didn’t make any noises. She was just a large baby doll.

Well, as usual, the Big One had ideas of her own as to what we should get to replace the damaged one. We went to Wal*Mart a few weeks ago and the Big One thought the baby who peed on the potty was very cool. I convinced her that we should keep looking for one like the one that we were replacing.

All was good for the last month or so. Then today, she finally wore me down at Wal*Mart and spotted the baby who pees on the potty. Against my gut and my better judgment, I bought the darn thing. I was so tired of the incessant whining, I caved. {nice lesson to teach her, huh?}

Okay, seriously, who is the genius who thought that a baby doll that pees and poops was a good thing? As if I don’t clean up enough pee and poop between my two children and my dog. Now I have a freaking baby doll who pees and poops too.

I tried to play it off like it was all pretend, the diapers, wipes, food packets and all. I tried to convince the Big One that the Baby Alive doesn’t really pee or poop, but the kid has seen the commercials on Noggin {damn TV}. So I put a little water in the bottle and gave it to the Big One to “feed” the baby.

I guess the idea is you feed the doll food and water and then she tells you that she has to go on the potty. Apparently the number of times you have run through the eat, play, poop, sleep cycle with the doll determines how many times the doll tells you she has to go potty before she actually does goes potty.

Of course I forgot the doll was still in “demo” mode from the store, so the water didn’t stay put in the doll, instead it ran right through her. There was no warning or anything like that, just a puddle of water on the carpet.

The Big One thought it was the greatest thing ever to change the wet diaper. And how many diapers do you think the dumb thing comes with? You guessed it…. Two. The one she was wearing and one extra. Now I just have to convince the Big One that I didn’t really fish the wet diaper out of the trash and lay it out on the counter to dry. I think I’ll just tell her I found another one in the box. How long do you think I can pull off that ruse?

Anybody know where to buy diapers  {cheap} for the dumb Baby Alive doll?

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  1. Heather permalink
    December 18, 2008 4:07 pm

    Hannah has the Baby Alive and I stocked up on packs of preemie diapers. Works like a charm! I hated the doll at first too because it was more or less me playing with it. And changing it. And cleaning it off. And washing the clothes. But now it is a little easier. Lauren has the smaller, drinking only doll, much more kid friendly!

  2. December 19, 2008 7:26 am

    Oh NO. It pees and poops??? Hide those food packets.

  3. Karen permalink
    December 20, 2008 3:18 pm

    LOL! Im sorry! Im laughing WITH you, I swear! Remember I thought i was a genius when i bought JUST the diapers for K’s dolls…ugh!People have been telling me to get that doll for potty training purposes: my thoughts exactly with the “as if I dont clean up enough after 2 kids and a dog!”

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