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You Shouldn’t Give Up

October 8, 2008

So the Big One is pretty darn funny sometimes. This morning the Little One was eating yogurt with her fingers instead of her spoon. The Big One announced that the Little One shouldn’t be eating with her fingers.

I told her, I agreed, but that right now I “give-up.” What I meant was that I was in no mood to fight the Little One to use a spoon. If she wanted to use her fingers, so be it.

At which point the Big One says, “Benny doesn’t give up in the race and neither should you Mommy.”

Apparently she was watching a recent episode of Dora when Benny the Bull runs into some trouble during a race. Dora and her friends gather up and help Benny to complete the race.

So there is some three-year-old wisdom for the day. No matter what is happening in your life… don’t give up.

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  1. Karen permalink
    October 10, 2008 9:26 am

    see??? That dog will turn out to be a diamond when she’s older! 🙂

  2. Amanda permalink
    October 11, 2008 5:45 pm

    awww, that’s really cute!

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