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An indication of things to come?

March 17, 2008

When I look at my precious two angels, I often wonder what they will be like as teenagers.

Right now, the Big One is very independent and a bit high-maintenance. She is not really a girly girl. On the rare occasion that she wears a dress, she usually has pants on under it. She rarely lets me brush her hair or put any clips in it, she prefers the wild, crazy hair look. The problem really isn’t her hair, the problem is that she doesn’t want to sit still for the two minutes that it would take for me to put pigtails in. She is constantly on the go.

The Little One on the other hand is very mellow, laid-back and has a go-with-the-flow attitude. She’ll sit and watch everything and everyone around her. She takes it all in with a quiet calm. She has a fabulous smile that she’ll share with just about anyone.

So I got to thinking about their first words and what impact that first word will have on their futures. I’m talking about actual words here, not the proverbial “mamamama” or “dadadadada.”

The Big One’s first word was “dog.” Pretty normal and typical I think. From others stories and memories, many kids’ first words are pretty innocuous: dog, ball, car, cup, etc.

So when the Little One busted out with her first word, I became a bit concerned about what the future holds for my youngest child.

I know you are all speculating what her first word was. Was it a curse word? Was it a color? Was it a 4 syllable word? Was it a cartoon character’s name?

If you guessed any of those, you are wrong. Little One’s first word was, “~ Little One’s name~.” Hmmm I am wondering does that mean she is going to be incredibly egotistical thinking only of herself? Does it mean that she will be a martyr offering herself up before ratting anyone else out? Does it mean that we talk about her way too much?

I think maybe it means that we are overly concerned about her hearing…. calling her name out a zillion times a day to see if she reacts. Apparently she is hearing loud and clear. {At least that’s my hope!!}

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