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Hiding from Shopping carts

December 10, 2006

Whoever invented those goofy shopping carts shaped like race cars and space shuttles should be shot. There is no nice way of putting it. The person should be shot and those that continue to manufacture them should be right there with them on the front lines.

For many folks, those cute little carts are probably a Godsend that keep their little ones entertained, contained and happy for the duration of a grocery trip. For us they are evil! We have a little girl who is completely obsessed and over the moon for cars and trucks. So the first few times we put her in the car-shaped cart she was thrilled. She would turn the wheel and make “vroom, vroom” noises as we cruised the commissary aisles. Everything was fine a fabulous until the shopping trip ended. Then the screaming fest would begin.

Allison would literally scream like her toenails were being systematically ripped off as we peeled her out of the car carts. She would throw full-size toddler tantrums, kicking, screaming, back arched, arms flailing as we tried to exit the store.

So now we know that we have to avoid the cars at all costs so that we don’t have a huge scene when we are done shopping.

So yesterday we went to the Exchange to see Santa. Unfortunately for us the Exchange is one of those places that has these carts. Daddy was able to usher her into the store and past the carts with relative ease. While we cruised the aisles waiting for Santa to arrive, Allison suddenly started crying and pointing. We thought maybe she saw Santa and was scared. Oh, if only it were that simple. No instead, some other wonderful caring parent had put their child in the car cart and was heading straight for us. What were we going to do?

Well we did what any other sane parent would do. We began playing a game of hide and seek with the stupid cart. We were literally acting like spies incognito trying to determine the carts next move and trying even more desperately to keep the cart out of view from Allison. Jason would run to the end of one aisle and check both ways to see where they were headed next. Then I would take the next aisle.

UGH! These people were killing us. They were zig-zagging all over the garden area. Why couldn’t they shop like any other logical person out there (the way I shop!) – – up one aisle, and down the next aisle, that way there is no backtracking for forgotten or missed items. For 20 minutes we dodged the stupid shopping cart all the while making it seem like a game to Allison. I’m sure the folks manning the security cameras were just about to tackle us figuring we were up to no good when finally the offenders picked out a fake tree and left the area.

And then the first encounter with Santa began. Allison did relatively well. She didn’t scream, but she didn’t get too close either. The beautiful thing is, Santa will be in the same spot for the next two Saturdays, so guess where we will be next Saturday. Although this time I may stand at the door and offer cash to anyone who opts for a regular cart instead of the car carts!

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  1. Ashlee permalink
    January 22, 2007 10:49 am

    My girls love the carts, although about halfway through the store the novelty has worn off. It’s funny how different we all think…I think I’d take a tantrum at the end in exchange for peaceful shopping…but maybe its because I rarely get peaceful shopping.

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