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Oprah… Pick me!!

May 23, 2006

Oprah is apparently planning a show about baby shower gifts – good and bad – this is what I submitted. {If you gave us stuffed animals, please don’t be offended, they didn’t really go to the dog!}

Baby showers bring out the best and worst of people’s creativity! Why do people insist on giving newborn babies stuffed animals? What in the world is a newborn going to do with 20 stuffed ducks, bears and lambs? They can’t go in the crib because they are a suffocation hazard. Even if moms save them until the child gets older (where are we supposed to store them?) the ones with the plastic eyes and noses become a choking hazard. The best solution for the stuffed animals we received was to give them to the dog as toys.

Now for the best gifts we received. Just imagine that you are a newborn baby. In your eyes you have been ripped from the cozy warm home that you lived in for the first nine months of your life. Suddenly you have this diaper strapped on to your bottom, when it gets wets, you scream for your mom’s attention to get this wet thing off. She takes the diaper off and proceeds to wipe your bottom with an ice cold baby wipe. This makes you scream even louder because who really wants a cold, wet paper wiped across their tushie? If your mom is lucky like I was, the wipe will be warmed to the perfect temperature in the fabulous wipe warmer so that it’s soothing rather than shocking when your bottom gets cleaned up! For those 2 a.m. diaper changes, the wipe warmer is truly a God send.

One other gift that made a huge difference at 2 a.m. is the bottle warmer. Think about it when your child is starving in the middle of the night and you need a bottle sooner versus later who has time to wait for the tap water to warm up? I never wanted to use the microwave to warm a bottle (experts recommend against this practice) so for me waiting and waiting and waiting for the tap water to get to the right temperature was awful. {plus the sound of the running water always makes me have to run to the bathroom!} So with the bottle warmer, it takes approximately two minutes to warm the bottle to the perfect temperature to quench your starving babies hunger!

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