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Stain Stick-Resistant Dirt

March 28, 2006

Have you heard of this phenomenon? There must be something crazy in the dirt here in Ohio. For whatever reason, I cannot get the dirt out of the knees of all of Allison’s pants.

I am a lover of Spray-N-Wash’s stain stick. I honestly think it’s the greatest invention in quite a while. This stuff is amazing. When I slop taco filling with cheese and salsa on my pink shirt, it gets it out. When Jason dribbles some chocolate ice cream on his white shirt stain stick comes to the rescue. So why is it that the dirt the Allison grinds into the knees of all her pants will not come out? Surely there is more grease, gunk and chemicals in some taco seasoning than there is in some backyard mud, yet the stain stick can’t touch the dirt.

Let me interject here, Allison is not crawling around in the mud in the actual backyard, rather she is crawling around the living room and kitchen that the dog has tracked all of the backyard dirt into.

Many of you are thinking – who am I kidding the one person who actually reads this probably doesn’t care about the mud in the backyard – anyway someone might think why don’t you just vacuum and mop once in a while? Well that’s the thing I don’t think it would matter if I vacuumed 10 times a day and mopped 5 times a day it wouldn’t make a single bit of difference. Somehow, someway the dog manages to track dirt in the house no matter what. Seriously this past weekend, Jason vacuumed the living room. Allison, Max and I were on the floor playing. Max never went outside, he just rolled over for some tummy scratching, when he got up there was more dirt on the carpet. It’s like he holds some of it back somehow and releases it after we vacuum.

Anyway, I digress. My dilemma is not how to keep the carpet clean because that it impossible. My dilemma is how in the heck do you get the dirt stains out of the knees of Allison’s pants? Any suggestions?

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