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There’s No Arguing

August 12, 2011

The Big One is wicked smart. I know, all parents say that about their children, but it’s really true. She is very much like the Husband. She has his science-math-engineering type brain. Of course that means she is also a big ole’ pain in the butt sometimes for someone like me who has a more creative-type brain.


I (and the Little One) live in a world where things are sometimes gray. The Big One and the Husband live in a very black or white world. The Husband will tell you that math makes the world go around; there is a logical – explainable – answer for everything.


I prefer to think that there is flexibility, in the world. Yes I see the logic but I also see exceptions and room for your own judgment or justification for the way things are.


So after swimming lessons yesterday, the Little One asked, “how many wheels does your car have?”


I replied that my car, like most cars, has four wheels. Of course, the Big One immediately whined, “Nuh-huh!”  I was a bit surprised that she was actually going to argue with me about the number of wheels on the car.


So I humored her and asked her how many wheels she thought my car had.  Immediately my brain when to the spare tire, thinking okay technically there are five, but how on earth would the Big One know about the spare tire. We’ve never had to use it or even talk about it (knocking on wood now).


So she proceeded to explain to me that the five were quite simply – the four that make the care move, plus the steering wheel.  And that is how you get to five.


I had to give that one  to her.


{Please don’t correct me here with “wheels” vs. “tires” vs “round things that help the car roll.” It’s just a funny little story!}

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