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That Which Doesn’t Kill Me…

December 4, 2010

 I’m not sure if it will make me stronger, but it will help me to realize that it’s just furniture, right?  The Little One is honestly trying to kill me one little thing at a time.


She wasn’t even awake an hour when I banned her from the furniture.   The girls have these Barbie horse things with long flowing “hair.” The Little One decided that her horse’s hair had too many tangles and needed to be brushed.  But of course the brush alone was not good enough. Instead she got the bottle of detangler that we use for their hair and somehow spilled half a bottle on the recliner.


I relegated her to the Pooh bear couch, knowing that I can just pull the cover off and wash it.


Then I noticed a bag on the couch from our trip to Target last night.  The Little One had put her water cup that she brings in the car with her in the bag.  No big deal I thought.  I grabbed the bag off the couch to put the cup in the refrigerator and suddenly knew it was a bigger deal. The bag was dripping with water.


The Little One had somehow detached the straw from the fancy “no-spill” cup.  So now it was a definitely- going to spill cup as the straw served as sort of a one-way valve.  It appears that at least 10 ounces of water was in the small Target bag.  I tried desperately to get it to the kitchen where I can easily mop up the water, but in order to get to the kitchen I had to cross the Big One, the remainder of the couch and the hard wood floor.


Of course, the Little One has zero remorse; heck she won’t even admit it was her fault.  Kind of like yesterday when she “colored” with Chap Stick all over her mirrored closet doors, she insists it was “Bake-o” her imaginary “friend” who had done all the damage.  I say friend in quotes because I know for sure that Bake-o is really her <  evil > alter ego.

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