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Mother’s Day Part II – Sweetness

May 11, 2010

So after the treadmill incident, you have to figure that Mother’s Day can only go up from there, right?  Well, I am happy to report that it did.  The Big One will be 5 next week.  So this is the first year that she has really “gotten” what Mother’s Day is about.


In addition to a few beautiful drawings, projects,  paintings and a snow globe from preschool, the Big One had a list in mind for the Husband on what she wanted to do for me.  It was awesome!!


She took him outside on Saturday morning to tell him what she needed him to help her do for me.  First thing on her list was bake me a cake.  So Saturday afternoon (after the treadmill incident) I was sent to my room to take a bubble bath so they could work their magic in the kitchen.  They made me a delicious chocolate cake.


The Big One also apparently instructed the Husband that they needed to get me flowers.  As I have said before, the Husband is not one to buy flowers.  He thinks they are a waste of money because they will “just die in a couple days.”


He didn’t fulfill this request on Saturday, so on Sunday the Husband and the Big One went out to run an errand.  Apparently the Big One reminded him again about the flowers.  He says they were $10 at WalMart and he wasn’t going to buy them.  So as they got closer to home, they saw some folks set-up on the street corner selling flowers and gift baskets.


Instead of spending $10 on WalMart flowers, he ended up spending $20 on a basket with a stuffed dog,  small clutch with a huge sparkly cross on it and a silk sunflower.  Not satisfied with the silk sunflower in the basket, he also had to buy me a $3 red rose.   It was classic!


The Big One rocks!

{In his defense we also went to Chili’s for lunch on Saturday.  I love Chili’s!!}

In case you can't see it well enough in the basket, here it is in its sparkly glory!

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