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A First on the Husband’s Watch

May 12, 2009

I’ve shared some memorable firsts with y’all.  And usually they occur when the Husband is out of town for work.  Yes he misses out on a lot of stuff, but I take lots of pictures and videos to keep him connected.

Well this weekend he got to experience a “first.”  Granted it probably wouldn’t have happened if I had been there, but it was a first nonetheless.

And it furthers my disbelief that the Little One is actually still able to walk and talk.  Here’s how I found out about it.

The Husband took the girls to the park to play.  Upon their return, he said excitedly, “You should have seen it, {Little One} did a 360 off the swing today at the park.  It was a good one.”

To which I of course, said “excuse me?”

Apparently she was on the “big girl swing” having a great time.  According to our niece who was with them, the Husband said the Little One’s name which caused her to turn and look at him.  Well she’s two.  When she turned her head, of course most of her body turned with her as she let go of the swing with one hand.

She went backwards off the swing and completely flipped over landing on her tummy/face.  On the way down, she whacked/scraped the back of her head on the rubbery “safe” squishy stuff under the swing.  So she has “playground burn” from the top of her scalp all the way down to almost her neck.

According to the Husband and my niece she cried for about three seconds and then moved on playing.

Honestly how the child has survived is beyond me.  Her head has had so many bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes and scabs it’s insane.  I guess the one bonus of all her incidents is that she is becoming one tough cookie and really just shakes it off most times when she falls.  And she makes it very easy for me to determine when she is really hurt and when she is just being dramatic for effect. {shocking that kids would cry just for effect, huh?}

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  1. May 12, 2009 8:15 am

    Joyce, I enjoy reading your posts! Always some humor and keeping it real so we all can relate. I so understand having dad take the kids to the park, and hearing the wild stories when they get back. lol. I think it wouldn’t be normal for us mom’s to hear any different! I hope her “playground burn” is better. It seem’s we all have one child that is prone to wearing the bruises, scrapes and war scars! Thanks for sharing your stories and your beautiful family! 🙂


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