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The Girl Who Cried… Pee

June 10, 2008

I am thinking about officially renaming the Big One. Her new name is going to be, “The Girl Who Cried Pee.” No we are not Native American, but if the name fits….

Who in the world decided that it was important to potty train our young? Why can’t she go to school in diapers. I promise she can change it herself if need be.

I am, of course, am kidding. She is doing really well with the potty training adventure. The problem is teaching her to recognize what her body is telling her. Now I know how lucky we are to have this problem. I know many kids will say, “I have to pee!” as the pee is running down their legs.

Our challenge is the Big One will say, “I have to pee” and it will be a good hour or so before said pee appears. While we are home it’s not a big deal. But when we make the drive to San Diego about every other week {it’s a 3.5 hour drive}, it can be extremely frustrating to hear, “I have to pee!” from the backseat.

The first time it happened, I frantically searched for someplace to stop. Of course she announced it while we were passing through Rainbow, CA. For those of you not familiar with Rainbow , it’s very, very small and I don’t think there are any retail locations.

So I ask her if she can wait a few more minutes. She says she can, so I increase my speed a bit to make it to Temecula where there are plenty of available potties. Figuring this will be a long trip home {we are about 1 hour into the adventure} I decide we are stopping at a Starbucks. I figure their bathrooms are cleaner than McDonald’s and I can get coffee if this takes an hour.

We stop, get her on the potty and then we wait. And we wait some more. And we wait some more. Nothing. There is no pee. UGH! The Big One tells me the pee and poop are coming, just not yet.

So I got my iced white mocha and pile back into my car. Just so you know, she is wearing a Pull-Up and has a “piddle pad” on her car seat so that if we have issues we are okay.

We continue on our merry way driving home. We go through Corona, Ontario, Fontana and Rancho Cucamonga. We hit the 138 {the middle of nowhere} when the Big One announces again that she has to pee. I was like, “Look around…. Do you see somewhere to stop and pee?”

All we can see for miles is sand and Joshua Trees, no retail in sight. So I ask her if she can wait a bit longer. She says she can, so we continue on our way and finally get to a place where I know there are bathrooms.

{Actually I know there are “flushing toilets” at this spot thanks to an difficult ride home for my MIL after a weekend visit. Thank you for the inside tip, Mom.}

We make it to Saddleback Butte State Park and find the bathrooms. Actually not a difficult task since there isn’t much there other than the little bathroom buildings.

The Big One finally pees and we continue home. Now I have to tell you, from the first time she told me she had to pee, until the actual pee came a flowing, it had been almost 3 hours.

I think next time she tells me she has to pee in the car, I will take my chances and keep driving until we arrive at wherever we are heading.

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  1. June 11, 2008 11:19 am

    The portable potty training seat works wonders on long road trips! I don’t know how many times I stopped in nowheresville, Wyoming to go potty, right on the side of the road. It’s not as traumatic as it sounds!

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