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I think I am in Love…

March 31, 2008

…With McDonald’s. Could this be possible? Yes, their fries are pretty good, but I prefer Carl’s Jr.’s fries and yes, there is nothing out there that tastes quite like a McNugget. But this time the object of my affection is not fried, served on a bun or covered in salt. Rather it’s their Iced Vanilla Coffee. WOW! I had one yesterday and was impressed.

Now, I am not a hard-core coffee drinker, my drink of choice before yesterday was a white mocha from Starbucks. Yes, I am sure there is more milk and chocolate syrup in one of these than coffee, that’s why I like it, It doesn’t actually taste like coffee.

Since we moved, I have struggled with the 13 mile drive to Starbucks, not the mention the $4 I spend on my aforementioned white mocha. {Did I mention that my beloved Jeep only gets about 14 miles to the gallon? So while the coffee itself cost $4 when you add in almost a gallon of gas in each direction to get there, it’s like I am paying $12 for that darn white mocha.} So the fact that McDonald’s, which is about one mile from my house, has a fantastic, doesn’t-taste-so-much-like-coffee alternative for only $2 makes my little heart skip a beat!!

Thank you McDonald’s for providing me a much more cost-effective vice than Starbucks offers. My husband and bank account thank you too!

OH MY GOSH! I just remembered something. We have a U Promise account, and when we buy McDonald’s bucks (you know those one dollar gift certificate things) we can redeem them for a 3% return into the Big One’s college savings fund. HOLY COW! I found a way to spend money on coffee, enjoy a good caffeine buzz and add to my kid’s college fund. DAMN! I am good.

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