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Dora, Diego, Boots…. It’s just a Band-Aid

March 4, 2008

To me, the uninformed mommy, it was just a Band-Aid. To the Big One it was apparently close to the end of the world.

Our Band-Aid saga actually started on Saturday when the Big One was swinging on the “big-girl swing” at the park. Apparently she had an itch on her nose, let go of the swing for a split second with one hand and crashed elbow-first into the ground. Yes, she is 2 and yes she is a short 2 so it was quite a fall and resulted in quite a bruise and scrape. {Let me defend myself here and throw daddy under the bus. He was in charge I was at Kohl’s where every mommy should be during a Super Saturday sale}.

After the fall, she hopped up cried a little and then proceeded to play, run and jump for the next 45 minutes until she saw me. Then the waterworks began and the “owie” was the end of the world. I consoled, kissed, cleaned and bandaged up the wound with a green Band-Aid (we were at grandma and grandpa’s house and they have not realized how critical Dora Band-Aids are to the recovery process).

Fast forward to today, Tuesday. The Big One woke up crying. I know it’s going to be a long day when she wakes up crying. As I am changing her diaper and getting her dressed, she suddenly remembers the owie on her elbow; the one that has been largely ignored since Saturday. She needs a Dora Band-Aid she tells me. I tell her okay, I’ll get one and meet her downstairs. At this point the Little One is still sleeping so I am doing all that I can to get the Big One downstairs before her squealing wakes the Little One.

I honestly have never paid much attention to the Band-Aids in the Dora box. We’ve used one since I bought them several months ago. While the Big One bruises easily, she doesn’t usually bleed! I just grabbed one, not even knowing they were different.

Once downstairs the Big One starts whining again about needing a Dora Band-Aid. I tell her I have it and will put it on her elbow once I get it open. As I open it, I see butterflies so I think nothing much of it other than it’s Dora with butterflies. She wants to see it, so I show her and the meltdown begins. It’s Diego, not Dora.

For some unknown reason I decided that this was a battle I was going to win today. I was not going back upstairs to open the other ones until I found a Dora one. Well, the Big One was ready for war. She screamed, kicked, whined, cried and threw herself on the floor. I largely ignored it until it continued… for 60 minutes.

Somehow during the 60 minute tantrum, she got another owie on her other elbow and needed a Band-Aid. I couldn’t take it anymore and gave in. So now she is happily playing with a Dora Band-Aid stuck on her right elbow and Diego on her left.

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