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“All Done!”

July 5, 2006

As Allison continues to amaze us with her growth and the development of her personality, we are in awe of her understanding of what is going on around her.

Her first phrase was, “all done.” She’s been saying it for several weeks, sometimes at the appropriate times and sometimes she says it just to say it. But recently she’s become more aware of just when to use the phrase correctly.

For example a couple weeks ago we were across the street playing with the neighbors. It was getting close to Allison’s afternoon nap time, but she was having a good time so we didn’t push her. All of the sudden she stopped playing and said, “all done,” and turned around and started walking towards our house. I picked her up and asked if she was all done playing. She began to wave bye-bye. So off we went. Once we got home I asked her if she wanted to go rock, (our code for nap time) she proceeded up the stairs. Within about 90 seconds of rocking, she sat up and reached for her crib, so I set her down and off to sleep land she went.

She knew she was tired and it was time for a nap. I happily obliged her request. Nap time is usually such a battle in this house. It’s been so nice now that Allison is starting to recognize her own sleep signs and heading up stairs to the rocking chair when she feels the need to sleep.

Of course she has also figured out that when she is eating something that she doesn’t particularly care for (green beans or carrots), she’ll proclaim, “all done” after a couple bites. Or when momma or daddy is doing something other than paying attention to her, she’ll tug on our leg and say, “all done.” She’s getting to be too smart for her own good!

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  1. Grammy permalink
    July 12, 2006 7:54 am

    I loved reading about Allison and how she is developing. Sounds like she is a smart Sweet Pea!
    Love, Grammy

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