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It’s just a coat…

February 6, 2006

It’s winter in Ohio (granted it’s winter throughout the whole United States) and it’s cold. I’m not talking about the balmy 50’s that defined “cold” when we lived in paradise (San Diego). I’m talking about bone chilling, teeth chattering, beyond seeing your breath cold outside. People in the right minds do not go outside in this type of cold without the proper attire. For my husband that generally means sweat pants, a T-shirt, UGG boots and if it’s windy, a beanie. So when he wants to run to the neighbors to chat or to check the mail, he’ll grab Allison, her hat and reach for the doorknob. Then the following conversation takes place:

“How about her coat, honey,” I ask.

“UGH!,” he groans while putting Allison down on the couch.

“It’s freezing outside,” I continue.

“But we’re just going next door, we could have already been there by now,” he whines.

The fact that they could have already been there is not the point. Granted I do understand that it takes an exorbitant amount of time to put her tiny little coat on because she sees it as a personal attack or something. She fights tooth and nail to avoid slipping her arms through the designated holes. And then once it’s on, she’ll arch her back and scream like she is writhing in pain from having to wear this coat. So yes, I understand that it’s a bit of a pain to put the coat on her when you are just running next door, but it’s freaking cold outside.

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